Humanities Research Group Working Papers

The Humanities Research Group (HRG) has been publishing this series of Working Papers in the Humanities since 1993. A glance at the titles that have appeared in this series provides a summary of some of the most important and interesting issues to have occupied society in the past two decades, from questions of human sexuality to food, cookery, and culture.

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The HRG promotes research in all areas of the humanities, and communication and the exchange of ideas among disciplines. We seek to forge interdepartmental contacts within the university community, to stimulate research in the humanities broadly defined, and to facilitate communication with researchers.

In fulfilling these aims the Humanities Research Group acts as a liaison with the University of Windsor community, the profession, and the community at large. It maintains a number of fellowships which bring visiting scholars to campus and assist University of Windsor faculty in their research. The Humanities Research Group sponsors activities both on campus and in the community.

HRG offices are located Chrysler Hall North rooms G107 and G108. Staff, Academic Advisory Board and Fellows can be contacted by phone 519 253-3000, extension 3508.

The fax number is 519 971-3620.

Email address is

Usual office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday, September 1 - May 31.